"StartUP SPhere is an inclusive program designed to unite the vibrant startup community, influential partners, esteemed unicorns, thought-leading influencers, pioneering founders, astute investors, dynamic leaders, and ambitious entrepreneurs for in-depth discussions on various aspects of the startup landscape. Key focal points of the program include exploring governmental backing for startups, diversifying funding channels such as revenue financing, debt options, and hedging strategies, emerging trends in startup ventures, the intricate dynamics of startup valuation, deciphering term sheets, shareholders agreements, and legal intricacies. Moreover, the program will host panel discussions addressing the pivotal choice between investing in people versus ideas, startup governance best practices, and navigating tax and regulatory advantages tailored for 'eligible startups.' Additionally, sessions will delve into harnessing digital marketing for startup growth, the potential and challenges of Central Bank Digital Currencies (CBDCs), forthcoming opportunities in the realm of Web 3.0, and intimate 'My Journey' dialogues featuring accomplished startup entrepreneurs. Further thematic explorations during the event encompass the future trajectory of fintech, spotlighting Indian startups on the global stage, safeguarding data privacy, and maximizing India's burgeoning data economy potential. The event will be complemented by a vibrant startup exhibition, a dynamic startup ramp, an invigorating Hackathon, a platform for startup pitches, an exclusive investors meet, and numerous other engaging activities. StartUP SPhere offers a distinctive platform for startups to forge meaningful connections with peers, tap into the wisdom of industry stalwarts, and attract potential investors while staying abreast of the latest trends and innovations in the dynamic startup ecosystem." It will also offer a customized Campus Placement Programme for the experienced Chartered Accountants which will provide a platform to the Chartered Accountants to secure career advancement in leading organisations and excellent opportunity for organisations to recruit best of finance and accounts professionals.

Startup Sphere

Startup Sphere


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